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Action1 Solution to MOVEit Vulnerability

Detect compromised MOVEit instances. Defend against ransomware attacks. 

Protect your enterprise from the critical vulnerability (CVE-2023-34362) affecting MOVEit, the trusted file transfer software. Get empowered to take control with the following just released capabilities, FREE for the first 100 endpoints:

  1. Built-in instant "MOVEit Vulnerability Status" report: Identify compromised instances of MOVEit Secure Managed File Transfer with the exploited CVE-2023-34362 vulnerability across all endpoints.
  2. Software inventory: Gain complete visibility into vulnerable instances of MOVEit within your network.
  3. Automated scripting and patching: Remove compromised files from all affected servers and apply necessary patches seamlessly across affected servers with automated scripts, saving you time and effort.

Don't let hackers compromise your organization. Leverage Action1 Platform now to mitigate the threat of MOVEit vulnerability. 

Identify compromised MOVEit instances and protect your data